Nutrafol Stress Adaptogen -3 month supply
Nutrafol Stress Adaptogen Ingredients
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Nutrafol Stress Adaptogen -3 month supply

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A blend of standardized stress adaptogens that address stress as
a root cause of hair thinning by balancing cortisol, reducing oxidative
stress, and modulating immune reactivity known to compromise the
hair follicle. A daily complement to Nutrafol Core hair growth formulas
for extra stress support.

  • Targets root causes – This hair-focused adaptogenic formula supports
    the stress response, a key pathway that plays a role in compromised
    hair growth.
  • Cortisol balance – Adaptogens tone the HPA axis to balance levels of cortisol secreted from the adrenal glands.
  • Counters oxidative stress – Adaptogens have antioxidant properties that defend against oxidative damage caused by stress.
  • Immune system-modulation – Adaptogens helps support the body’s immune response to stress
  • To be taken with Nutrafol Core to support patients with moderate to severe stress who are experiencing diffuse hair thinning and increased shedding. These patients may be chronically stressed, may have recently experienced a stressful event (such as surgery, a big move, or a death in the family), have trouble sleeping, or be fatigued from long-term stress.
  • Recent research suggests that thinning hair is multifactorial and that stress is a common and key root cause. Hair follicles possess their own fully functional HPA axes within the dermis making them targets of stress hormones and immune reactions during peripheral stress responses

HAIR TYPE: Appropriate for all hair types.



Rhodiola rosea : Clinically shown to balance cortisol by toning the HPA axis and modulating pathways involved in glucocorticoid resistance.

Reishi mushroom:  Clinically shown to increase antioxidants and lower stress induced reactive oxygen species (ROS).

Schisandra chinensis: Has adrenal protective mechanisms that help target the negative effects of stress by balancing immune cytokines known to induce catagen. Shown to support anagen progression and hair fiber length in preclinical studies


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Take two (2) capsules once daily without food.

NET WEIGHT: 180 capsules- 3 month supply


Customer Reviews

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Two words. GAME CHANGER!!! Ever since covid, my hair has been falling out in chunks.. I've never had the best hair, but now I'm seeing my hair fall out everywhere. In the shower, on my pillow, etc. It wasn't till recently that I found out stress was the main reason why I was balding! A friend recommended this supplement with my Women's Nutrafol and my hair has never been this full. My hairline is no longer embarrassing, and I'm I've noticed a significant improvement in my overall mood as well. Super happy!!