ISDIN ISDINCEUTICS Melatonik - Organic Alternative to Retinol

ISDINCEUTICS Melatonik - Organic Alternative to Retinol

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A restorative nighttime recovery serum

  • Organic alternative to retinol with added benefits
  • Melatonin provides benefits that can help you sleep  better
  • Slow the process of skin aging, by stimulating your skin’s natural antioxidant enzymes
  • Repairs the oxidative damage incurred by your skin during the day
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, while enhancing skin’s firmness
  • The 3-in-1 formula containing melatonin, bakuchiol and vitamin C stimulates natural antioxidant defenses and helps to restore vitality and elasticity, for radiant, healthy skin

SKIN TYPES: Appropriate for all skin types


KEY INGREDIENTS: Melatonin, Bakuchiol, Vitamin C

TYPE: Serum

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Use at night during your PM regimen. Apply 4-5 drops onto the palm of your hand and warm the product. Gently massage over the face and neck until complete absorption, avoiding the eye area.

NET WEIGHT: 10 Fl. Oz.