Holiday Gift Guide 🎁

Alastin Daily Regime Set


The holidays are in full swing and that means it's time to start checking items off your gift list! Here are some of our top picks and crowd pleasers that you and your friends + family are sure to love.

For: The Hydration Lover
West Dermatology Holiday Hydration Regime $299 ($347 value)
Perfect for those wanting to add hydration back into their skin. This holiday set has everything you need from a soothing cleanser, to hydrating serums, and a replenishing cream. Click here to shop now!

For: The Revitalized Skin Seeker
EltaMD UV Restore Bundle $65 ($75 value)
Gift both or get one and keep one (a little treat for yourself!). Revitalize sun-damaged skin by minimizing dark spots and reducing the look of fine lines with these new broad-spectrum sunscreens from EltaMD. Click here to shop now!
*available in tinted and untinted

For: The Healthier Complexion Chaser
Alastin Daily Regime Set $299 ($245 value)
This holiday season, self-care is a must! Treat those you love with this complexion rejuvenator skincare regime. Receive a FREE cosmetic bag and travel size Nourishing Moisturizer with your purchase. Click here to shop now!

Perfect For: Anyone on Your List
SkinCeuticals Holiday Gift Sets $163 - $210 ($166 - $263 value)
With 5 limited-edition exclusive holiday gift sets to choose from, each one is sure to please depending on your needs! Each set tackles a different skincare concern and comes with a FREE premium cosmetic bag ($30 value). Click here to shop now!

Perfect For: Yourself or a Loved One
Give the Gift of a Skin Check
This year, you know the gift of radiant and healthy skin is at the top of our list (and don't forget...), that also includes getting an annual skin check too! Give yourself, or a loved one, the gift of a skin check so you can start the New Year off right. Healthy skin is always in so schedule your appointment today!

Have fun with your holiday shopping and, as always, if you have any questions about any of the above products or you would like to schedule an appointment with your dermatologist, call us today! Wishing you all love and happiness this holiday season!

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